Our Mission

The Early Intervention Association of Nova Scotia exists as an organization to advocate for and increase awareness of Early Intervention in the community. The Association promotes personal and professional development to support infants and children with special needs and their families.

In our ongoing endeavour to support the professional development of early intervention, EINS has compiled a provincial personnel policy (Link File), available for adoption by boards, to assist with support to early intervention staff. A provincial board policy (Link File) has been compiled for members of the volunteer boards that manage early intervention programs in Nova Scotia.

After years of consultation with Early Intervention Executive Directors, the resulting procedures manual (Link File) is offered. This manual was prepared to formalize the procedures currently being implemented province-wide by all Early Interventionists and is recommended for orientation of new staff into Early Intervention programs, and as a resource to existing staff.

Families have the potential to be a child's "best teacher". We support families of children with special needs as they seek to educate themselves about their child's needs. Families of children enrolled in an Early Intervention program can apply (Link File) for financial assistance to attend conferences, seminars and other educational events.